Women Of Virtue

The Women of Virtue Ministry is a proprietary solely motivated by the love of Christ. We are an extension of the St. Paul A.M.E. ministry that empowers, equips and encourages all women. Aesthetically, we touch lives of the surrounding communities disregarding age and background. Our mission is to exude the love and fellowship of God’s point here in the Greenspoint community. The Women of Virtue have the following duties

  • Provide women with opportunities to learn from others
  • Meet and fellowship on a consistent basis
  • Promote spiritual, personal and economic growth through corporate worship and local support
  • Facilitate and ensure that various teams work together to achieve common goals
  • Develop and enhance leadership capabilities
  • Ensure and monitor the progress of activities, goals and plans to represent Christ and the leadership of St. Paul
  • Offer innovative approaches to service the surrounding communities
  • Effectively communicate the vision of leadership of St. Paul (Pastor Dawson)