Y.P.D. Ministry

"a picture of the YPD Ministry Leaders at St. Paul A.M.E. Church in Greenspoint"Carmen Jones (Director), Reverend Veronica Johnson (Youth Pastor), Mamie Stelly and Michelle Maxwell are the leaders of the Y.P.D. Ministry. The Young People and Children’s Division (Y.P.D.) is a youth organization that was established in October of 1915. It was established as an auspice to the Women’s Missionary Society of the African American Methodist Episcopal Church. The Young People and Children’s Division (Y.P.D.) chose the colors forest green and white for the organization’s colors. Forest Green was chosen as it is a symbolic reference to growth and Christian vitality. White was integrated because it represents purity, light, and faith. The Y.P.D. Ministry motto is, “Grow, Glow, and Go for Christ.” Young People and Children’s division follows a unique age group structure. Mother Sunbeams (2-6 years old), Allen Stars (7-12 years old), Youth Auxiliary (13-17 years old), and the Young Adults (18-26 years old) are the divisions within the Y.P.D. Ministry. Y.P.D. Ministry leadership is categorized into the following: Connectional Level, District Level, Conference Level, Area Level, and the Local Level. Young People and Children’s Division meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 11:00 am.

Y.P.D. Pledge
I pledge my willing and untiring service to all efforts of the Young People and Children’s Division to aid the needy and suffering people regardless of race, color, or creed. I further pledge to take the Bible as my guide, aid my church, and attend meetings regularly. In all these tasks I seek the Savior’s guidance.

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  • "a picture of the YPD Ministry as a group"